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NZHIC have relationships with Real Estate Agents all over NZ, which means that you can arrange your report through a Real Estate Agent…

If you are rushed, need the report quickly simply click the link below to book your inspection on line.
Click here to send your Real Estate Agent an email requesting a House Inspection Report with NZHIC.

If you are a Real Estate Agent, here is how NZHIC can help you…

Are you afraid of putting lots of work into a sale, only to lose it because of a bad House Inspection Report?

We offer solutions that are easy for your clients to understand so that the sale is advanced faster after the Inspection Report, rather than being lost!

You will notice that the New Zealand House Inspection Company branding has changed and this is an external reflection of many movements we are making inside the company to allow better results for our customers… what does that mean? It means greater peace of mind and greater security that the property investment the customer is making is safer! This results in faster, easier sales for you and more repeat business.

Here is what one Real Estate Agent is saying about NZHIC:

“Through the NZ House Inspection Company we are able to offer broader knowledge and expertise to our clients to assist them with their decision making. Extensive reports provide prospective purchasers with confidence, outlining workable solutions to potential situations. For sellers it provides them with an opportunity to rectify any situation that may arise before putting their home on the market. The 24 hour turn around is a necessity with Gary and his team going the extra mile to ensure a relatively stress free experience. Many thanks to Gary & his Team”.
- Della Randall of ReMax Real Estate, Wellington

A House Inspection Report can answer all those niggly little questions for you that if you get them wrong, the home buyer will NEVER forgive you!

We all know that the first step to increasing sales is being able to build better relationships and gain the client’s TRUST. Their perception of you will improve faster if you are giving them factual information to base their decisions on. We have all experienced ‘buyers remorse’ and ‘last minute jitters’, so if you can give the prospect security their investment will be safe, they are much more likely to buy from you!

Your client’s want to know that they are making a safe purchase and they’re relying on you to provide them will all the information. A house inspection will uncover all those details you need to know to help your clients make an informed decision. This is what one client had to say:
"This is the first house I have ever bought so it is very emotional for me! I was really worried about the huge amount I was going to have to pay towards a mortgage every week and that I could be sure it was going to a safe place. When I got my report from NZHIC it was in ‘layman’s’ terms and I understood it. Even though it showed up a borer problem in the house they told me where to get a "Borer Bomb" from, how much it would cost me and how to use it!"
- Russell Michell, Home Owner, Wellington

Your clients that are SELLING should also consider a House Inspection so that you can present their property in the best light…

So many sales are lost because the prospect finds something they haven’t been told about. This is often turned back on you, the agent - and you can lose the sale. If you can encourage the client to get a House Inspection Report BEFORE you list the property you are equipped with factual information and can show any prospects you have been proactive about THEIR needs. It’s also a great opportunity for the Home Seller to fix anything up that could increase the value of their property as the report will include solution recommendations. All these little things make closing the sale easier for you!

Time is of the essence when you need the purchaser to make an offer – you don’t want them to miss the opportunity of buying the home they’ve been dreaming of.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection Report from NZHIC can be in your client’s hot little hands within 24 hours of the inspection taking place. The 24 hour turnaround is GUARANTEED!

For any more information or to book a House Inspection, call NZHIC on 0800 751 751 NOW or click here!


Success Story

“One inspection I can recall was a modern brick and tile home on a concrete slab that was approximately 5 years old. The house had a code of compliance, but some very important issues had been overloo
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