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Just because you’re overseas, don’t feel like you can’t buy property. We’re all aware that house prices are on the increase, so why not consider getting on the property ladder as soon as possible, or add to your portfolio of investment properties.

Here’s how NZHIC can help you decide whether to purchase property safely from overseas without you ever having seen it, and be confident that you’re making a great decision . . .

NZHIC can help you make a wise decision about purchasing a property without ever having viewed the property yourself. All you need to do is book online and pay with a credit card and our inspectors will be around to view the property within 24 hours of receiving the booking. They will email you a full report as soon as they have completed the inspection. If any problems are uncovered, then these will all be detailed in the report. You will then be able to decide whether the property could be a great investment, or a money drain that will swallow all your hard earned cash.

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Success Story

“One inspection I can recall was a modern brick and tile home on a concrete slab that was approximately 5 years old. The house had a code of compliance, but some very important issues had been overloo
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