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Do you want your own business, relaxed lifestyle, great income and a formula for getting it all that works?

Do you have experience in the building trade or construction industry and are looking to start afresh or have a new challenge in life that can call upon those skills? The housing market is a VERY dangerous place for buyers that don’t know how to look at the conditions of a property – This NZ franchise is on a mission to arm property buyers and sellers with the expert knowledge they need to make better investment decisions… You can be a part of it!

As the only nationwide House Inspection Company, NZHIC provide comprehensive “Pre-Purchase” Inspection Reports. These reports are emailed to customers within 24 hours of the inspection taking place. The system works so that buyers can invest their money more SAFELY, by knowing what the existing and potential “money sucking” problems of a property are BEFORE THEY BUY! The reports include photos, offer solutions and are written in ‘layman’s’ terms, so they’re simple to understand.
There are changes to the Building Act which are due to come into force from the beginning of January. These changes have grown out of such problems as builders using the wrong timber for certain parts of a job. With new materials as well, building has become a complex task and not all builders were or are up to it. A valuation doesn’t tell you if a home needs repairs, but a thorough inspection can save you from making an expensive mistake. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying an old house or new one; you need to know it’s been properly constructed before you sign. Now the banks and other financiers are becoming aware of the value of house inspections too.

That’s all good news for franchisees, who are finding increasing demand for their highly-valued services. There are now 13 franchises around the country and room for just seven more. This will provide each franchisee a decent-sized territory to start with, so they can make a living from day one. The bonus of having large territories also means that as their businesses grows the franchisee has the ability to employ people to do the inspection work itself whilst they concentrate on marketing the service throughout their area.

When You Buy A Business You Get Everything You Need To MAKE GREAT PROFITS Because NZHIC Is Franchised.

Franchisees need to invest $65,000 + GST which gives them all manuals and training as well as the exclusive territory. Franchises are currently available in the southern and northern South Island as well as in Tauranga, Rotorua and parts of Auckland.

GUARANTEED INCOME is something everyone is looking for and this is how NZHIC ensure you will get it. As a franchise owner you will have your own exclusive territories so you can build your own business the rest is provided… Comprehensive ongoing training and development, training manuals, group buying privileges, national promotions, an active website, a proven brand name, business coaching and being part of a well established company that HELPS PEOPLE. NZHIC are looking for financially secure people that are motivated with good people skills and see the glass as half full! Whether you’re a business person who understands the power of branding and systems in a competitive world, a builder looking to get off the tools or simply someone wanting to become established in an exciting, challenging, but rewarding business NZHIC will be this for YOU!

Call Gary Koornneef TODAY on 0800 751751 or email him gary@nzhic.co.nz to talk about the opportunities available now!


Success Story

“One inspection I can recall was a modern brick and tile home on a concrete slab that was approximately 5 years old. The house had a code of compliance, but some very important issues had been overloo
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